Fpi was founded in 2011

Fpi - fresh, perfect, image fresh, perfect, impression

Painting, music, sculpture · People use all kinds of art forms to show beauty. The designer of fpi uses high-heeled shoes to express the beauty of his heart. These beautiful depictions of beauty not only show the beautiful curves but also the perfect nine-headed magic of women. Fpi's more than 300 fashion hunters stay in the fashion capital of Europe, visit Italian country workshops, meet fashionistas from around the world, and inspire the fpi designer's unstoppable inspiration in capturing the popular styles of Western fashion. Imagine. This derived a pair of elegant and unique fpi.

She is an art, an aesthetic, a fashion that is in sync with the world.


·Fresh: The most accurate capture of Western fashion, the most rapid production, FPI guarantees you the speed of light!

· Enjoy: Enjoy life, enjoy the beauty, enjoy the envy of passers-by, FPI from the beginning to help you capture the beauty of life.

· Show: Life, every day is a show, show your sexy, show your charm, show your style, show your confidence.



"Dare to be fresh" FPI has never been a good man and a woman, and the fear of the tail will not appear in the dictionary. The first person to eat crabs, FPI never needed extra courage. Of course, the crab is delicious, highly fresh, fpi is also the first to know.